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Use this form to request advice to help you determine the Long Service Leave for an employee in your business.

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Estimates of time:

  1. The core LSL entitlements in the various state and territory jurisdictions. For example, what long service leave entitlements will a person receive in NSW if they have 10 continuous years of service? 
    1. Time: 15 minutes
  2. What counts as continuous service? This question can be straight forward. However, if we start to look at absences due to injury, illness, unapproved absence, stand down periods (a stoppage of work), employment breaks of less than 2 – 3 months, re-employment or where continuous service is acquired through a sale/transfer of business then it will take time or even become consulting. 
    1. 15 - 70 minutes
  3. Does untaken LSL get paid out upon termination of employment? 
    1. 15 minutes
  4. Pro rata LSL where an employee ceases employment prior to achieving the relevant service entitlement. This can involve, resignations, termination due to misconduct or serious misconduct, illness, injury domestic or other necessity. 
    1. 15 – 45 minutes
  5. The rate of pay at which LSL is paid out within the various state and territory jurisdictions. This can include, where an employee has changed between full-time, part-time hours or casual during the LSL qualifying period. This can also include, where employees have no fixed rate of pay, or they ordinary pay consist of bonus, commission and or overtime payments etc. This sort of question will require the WR team to confirm the most appropriate and accurate method of calculating the payment due upon termination in the jurisdiction in question. 
    1. 15 – 70 minutes
  6. If some or all the service is service in a different state or territory jurisdiction. 
    1. 15 – 40 minutes.
  7. Can LSL be cashed out? Some states like QLD will require more time. 
    1. 15 – 25 minutes.
  8. Industry-specific LSL scheme/portable long service leave questions. There are LSL industry specific schemes like construction and coal mining, which would require to look at the award and potentially how the scheme operates. 
    1. 15 – 45 minutes.
  9. LSL within an enterprise agreement. 
    1. 15 – 30 minutes.