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Australia has some of the most complex employment laws in the world.

Employers who breach these laws risk big fines and penalties, damaging employee claims and expensive back-pay orders. Individuals also risk personal fines for accessorial liability.

To help you determine if you and your business are at risk. Workforce Guardian has developed this FREE HR Health Check.

If you answer no or unsure to any question below, we highly recommend you contact us to discuss how our affordable and easy to use HR solutions can help your business.

Recruitment & Selection

Do you have structured hiring processes in place for recruiting new employees?* - required
Do you have written position descriptions with clear job duties for each role?* - required
Do you have a fair recruitment process that selects candidates based on relevant competencies?* - required
Do you conduct Reference Checks for candidates?* - required
Do you undertake 'right to work' checks for new employees, to ensure they are authorised to work in Australia?* - required
Do you provide new employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement?* - required
Do you retain proof of how the Fair Work Information Statement was provided to employees?* - required
Do you have a structured Induction Program in place for new employees?* - required

National Employment Standards

Are you aware of your obligations and your employees' rights under the National Employment Standards:

a. Notice of termination and or redundancy pay?* - required
b. Right to request flexible working arrangements?* - required
c. Public holidays and related pay rates?* - required
d. Parental leave administrative requirements?* - required
e. Maximum ordinary weekly hours of work?* - required
f. Community service leave?* - required
g. Annual leave administrative requirements?* - required
h. Personal/carers leave and compassionate leave?* - required
i. State/Territory, Industry, Award Long Service Leave?* - required

Modern Awards and Pay Rates

Do you know which Modern Awards apply to the employees in your business?* - required
Do you feel conversant with the details of each of the relevant Awards that apply in your workplace?* - required
Do you pay your employees at least the minimum wage for their Award classified position?* - required
Are you aware of all the relevant Award related allowances that apply to the employees in your business?* - required
Are your employees receiving the correct meal break periods according to their relevant Award or enterprise agreement?* - required
Do casual employees receive correct loading for any overtime/shiftwork/weekend work/public holidays worked?* - required

Employment Contracts

Do you have signed employment contracts for all employees?* - required
Do you store all employment contracts securely and confidentially?* - required
Do you review your employment contracts annually?* - required

Independent Contractor Agreements

Do you have Contractor Agreements in place for all contractors engaged by your organisation?* - required
Are your contractors genuine independent contractors and not employees (eg. 'sham contracting')?* - required

Record Keeping and Pay Slips

Do you maintain appropriate employee records that include all legislatively required details?* - required
Do you store all employee records securely and confidentially to meet your privacy obligations?* - required
Do you maintain employee records for seven years?* - required
Do you provide payslips to employees?* - required
Are payslips provided within one working day after the employee has been paid?* - required
Do payslips include all legislatively required details?* - required
Do you keep mandatory timesheet records for employees?* - required
Do you keep mandatory leave records for employees?* - required
Do you keep other important HR records for employees (eg. licences, registrations, etc)?* - required

Policies and Procedures

Do you have compliant workplace policies in place (eg. Absenteeism, Bullying and Harassment Policy, EEO)?* - required
Do you have structured managing processes in place to help ensure HR best-practice and compliance?* - required
Do you have compliant templates in place to help manage day to day tasks (eg. letters, forms, etc)?* - required
Do you have appropriate Work Health and Safety procedures in place for your type of workplace?* - required
Do you keep records of briefing and training employees on these policies and procedures?* - required

Performance and Discipline

Do all your employees have current written position descriptions?* - required
Do all your employees have clear key performance indicators in place?* - required
Do you have a structured performance management process in place?* - required
Do you have a structured disciplinary action process in place?* - required
Do you issue written warnings to poorly performing employees?* - required
Do you have a structured training and development process in place?* - required


Do you have structured exiting processes in place for employees who leave your organisation?* - required
Do you ask employees to "show cause" before taking disciplinary action/terminating them?* - required
Are you aware of the notice of termination and redundancy requirements, as per the National Employment Standards?* - required
Do you conduct Exit Interviews with exiting employees?* - required

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